Construction dust left from your recent home renovation can cause serious damage to your health. Regularly breathing in this harmful dust over a long period of time can cause life-threatening diseases in your lungs. The dangers of this dust are well documented in a lot of health organisations and other online resources.

Construction dust is generally used to describe different types of dust that you may find on the renovation/construction site. There are three main types of construction dust:

SILICA DUST – created when working on materials containing silica. Materials such as concrete, mortar and sandstone.
WOOD DUST – created when working on softwood, hardwood and wood-based products like MDF and plywood.
LOWER TOXICITY DUST – created when working on materials containing little or no silica. The most common materials include gypsum – plasterboard, limestone, marble and dolomite.

All the dust generated from your renovation has the ability to leak through the least accessible corners of your home, such as appliances, flooring, window sills, walls, all furniture (as dust leaks and accumulates on the surfaces of various furniture).
Hence a proper post-renovation steam cleaning is very important.

Steam generated from our machine has the ability to dampens down dust and clump them together for easy & thorough extraction.