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What Exactly is Steam Cleaning? Do I really need it?

What is Steam Cleaning

Steam is a natural source of clean water which is heated up to create a powerful cleaning force. It works by melting and diluting the adhesive properties of dirt and grime with hot steam, so it can be quickly wiped away. We are using industrial-grade steam cleaning machines coupled with trained workers to provide the best sanitizing service in houses or commercial places.

What Can be Steam Clean




car interior



Why Steam Cleaning with Steam & Sanitize

Kill bacterias, germs, virus & dust mite up to 99.9%

All natural, chemical free It's H2O

Eco Friendly


Trusted & Experienced

It has been a wonderful journey, starting from zero to gaining more than 2,000 trusted customers and being awarded the Best Brand by The Brand Laureate 2020. Rest assured that you are in professional hands when it comes to your steam cleaning needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that you will be extremely satisfied with our service after we leave. Our crew is trained to provide professional steaming and sanitizing service with care. The supervisor on site is to make sure that customers’ needs are addressed within our service scope. We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions.